Shared Equity Financing Agreement Sample Form

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Equity Sharing and home equity financing Agreements. – Form for a mortgage to be used with an equity sharing/shared equity financing agreement (in mortgage states). This document is intended to further protect the equity sharing investor from the risk of default by the equity share occupant.

A shared-equity financing arrangement is an agreement by which two or more persons acquire qualified ownership interests in a dwelling unit and a person (or persons) holding one or more of the interests is entitled to occupy the dwelling as his or her principal residence and is required to pay rent to the other person(s) owning qualified.

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Instead of a seller-financed second mortgage, a seller could advertise that he/she is open to an equity share agreement, which could make the property available to buyers who might otherwise not be able to afford that property. Example. Investor and Occupier buy a $500,000 house. Investor contributes the 20% downpayment, or $100,000.

A Shared Equity Financing Agreement, or SEFA, is a little-known but powerful mechanism for helping a relative get into their dream home. A SEFA is an agreement in which two or more persons own a home. The resident owner occupies the home as his/her principal residence. The investor owner acquires an agreed percentage of ownership in the home.

Shared Equity Finance Agreements: When two parties purchase a primary residence because one party is unable to purchase the residence on its own. In a shared equity finance agreement, the.

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