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"Funding Fee – Please have the lender contact VA Regional Loan Center for loan processing. Please fax a copy of VA Form 26-8937 to the RLC of jurisdiction." For COEs with a "NON EXEMPT" status, the following "CONDITIONS" may appear: "Funding Fee – Veteran is not exempt from Funding Fee."

What is Nonlinear Project Funding? My husband and I are in the process of purchasing a home. All is going well, except the VA has refused to allow us to get the VA Funding Fee, which amounts to a little over $5,000.00. In the Certificate of Eligibility the Funding Fee was named Non Exempt. My husband was discharged (honorable) from the Navy in 1946.

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According to the VA, veterans/service members are exempt from paying the funding fee if: You receive VA disability. You are eligible to receive VA disability but receive retirement benefits instead. You are eligible to receive VA disability as a result of a pre-discharge exam and rating.

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VA Loan funding fee explained. by Amanda Pallay; January 9, 2013;. veterans/service members are exempt from paying the funding fee if:. I am so confused as to how the VA determines the $36,000 with non exempt funding fees? If we are looking at a home that is worth $175,000 and the fixed.

If two veterans are each contributing entitlement but one of them is exempt from paying the funding fee, the funding fee on their loan is cut in half. If this same set of veterans is seeking a VA loan but the veteran who’s exempt is not contributing entitlement, then their loan would carry the full funding fee.