is a home warranty a good idea

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When a home warranty is a good idea. If you’re purchasing a home and the seller or builder is providing a free warranty, it makes sense to take it. After all, it won’t cost you anything. However, take the time to familiarize yourself with the fees associated with using the coverage before you contact the warranty company for a service call.

 · Hi Kristina, a Home Warranty offers peace of mind to seller and/or buyer during and after the selling process. It provides very good coverage of the systems that you describe. My understanding is that the systems must be in working order at the time the warranty is written up.

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Because each warranty has different terms, it is a good idea to ask about each individual item in your home. Also, items that are exterior fixtures.

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Home warranties generally are not a good investment for a newly constructed home, as many come with a builder-backed warranty. When purchasing an older home, it’s not uncommon to ask for – and receive – a one-year home warranty plan paid for by the seller; that will provide you with at least some protection if you just closed on a very ripe.

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If you read those two sections, you’ll have a good idea if it’s a policy you want to buy." A home warranty service contract isn’t an insurance policy that protects you from loss, but is meant instead to provide service, repair or replacement on a home’s appliances and major systems, such as heating and electric.

While not everyone will think a home warranty is worth it, it is a good idea for people who lean toward being better safe than sorry when buying a home. Consider the appliances you own and how.